How to Use An Inversion Table

An inversion table is a technical gear which aides in the inversion therapy.  The inversion, involving the upside down position on a person with the machine, while hanging down with the legs, ankles or feet upwards with the motive of therapy that relaxes the muscles and cures back pain, can be very cumbersome for some people. The mere looking at the inversion table is often confusing. With the way it’s built, it may pose a problem to understand use without creating chances of domestic accident.

how to use an inversion table

First, to use the inversion table in your home or gym, you have to understand its limits. If you have a heart condition like high blood pressure, cardiac arrests, or eye defects such as glaucoma and retinal detachment, or with other medical conditions such as stroke and migraines, you should be very careful while using this equipment. If you cannot, don’t use at all.

Placing your inversion table in an open space helps you to do the therapy with ease and comfort, without having to worry about colliding with walls or other hardware.

To ease your use, adjust it to your height.To do this, read the instruction manual carefully, as most of them are considered inappropriate for exceptionally short or tall people.  

For safety and ease as well, start with very low degrees of inclination. You don’t want to set the machine to be too high. Your head being slightly lower in elevation of your feet with about 10 degrees is suitable for a start.  Too much inclination may cause dizziness and sudden blood rush. As you get used to it, you can increase the degree by 5 every week. But always make sure the safety trap is in place to confirm it will invert all the way and jar your body.

Climb the table and secure your feet with the straps against your ankles. Make sure your back flushes on its bed, making you look directly at the ceiling. To be safer, you may decide to wear shoes. Then lift your hands above your head and leave your weight back to make it table recline into action. If not sure, have someone to help you balance so you can feel the ankles and muscles stretch, especially when you have a big body structure that doesn’t allow you move and flex easily. . Most people will prefer to do it in front a wide mirror so they view just how balanced and safe they are while using the table.

Make your inversion sessions more regular and increase the durations. Five minutes is okay for starters. Increase your time according to how comfy you feel atop it. Increase in inclination should also take effect, ranging from20 and 60 degrees for most people. But never exceed what your body cannot take.

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